Commissioned by Romance
Directed by Ffi0oul
1st assistant Valentin Peoc’h
DOP Maxime Berger
1st cam assistant Tom Haudry
2nd Cam assistant Vassili Devintcha
Régie Générale Damien Blumberg
Garance Joannais
Alexandra Pinci
Driver Fanny Bruant
Driver Laura Paroutaud
Driver Benoît Becquereau
Elec Jeff Ramamanjaona
Drône Marc Didier
Producer Charlotte Benhamou
and Hugo Marcel
Dir. prod Mathilde Hamart
Production assistant Zeo Sengson
Drone Paul Latrouitte
Quad Jack-Alexandre Soufflard 
Edit Vincent Fleischmann
Grading Nicolas Gautier
Styling Charly’s Garments
with Nelson Baque
HMU Alexia Vuerich
Truck Cinemaelle Yves
Label Alexis Slama, Pierre Rimbaud, Marine Sellier, Guillaume Pujol
This music video is shot like a live performance, squeezing out the true energy of both artists that are urged to play in the middle of nowhere, just before night falls. The roughness and the speed of the camera express the feeling we had on the first listening of the song, but also reinforce the idea of emergency we wanted to showcase in this organic performance.