Ffi0oul is a creative duo exploring fascinating narratives through direction, art direction, photography, and CGI.

The whole identity articulate itself around rocks and the idea of camouflage. We had the opportunity to design the Fakear lettering, to create the whole identity around the album to come and the three singles that announced its release. Three lyrics video were also created around Talisman release : Moonlight moves, which showcase some grains of sand at a microscopic scale, then Altar, which uses rocks photographs shot in the mountains, and Burning, that is showing the earth on its biggest scale.

Commissioned by Nowadays Records
Logo, visual identity Ffi0oul
Lyrics videos Ffi0oul
Burning video uses Google Earth
Altar and Moonlight Moves videos uses
Ffi0oul personnal photographies

2022               Creative direction, post-production, lettering