Ffi0oul is a creative duo exploring fascinating narratives through direction, art direction, photography, and CGI.
Camouflage visually and allegorically embodies a connection between humanity and nature: we should be one with our environment, co-existing without taking over. It’s all about to blend into one’s surrounding, drawing energy from the rocks.

Commissioned by Nowadays Records
Produced by Frenzy Paris
Directed by Ffi0oul 
DOP Ludovic Zuili
EP Charlotte Benhamou
and Hugo Marcel
1st Assistant Director Valentin Peoch
Stylist Maina Silva Jouyaux
Drone Operator Sandy Collet
Grip Thomas Moren
Editor Vincent Fleischmann
Color grading Mathieu Caplanne
VFX Julie Meyer, Clément Chasseray

2022            Direction, Post-production, CGI